How to learn about a particular career path through informational interviewing

Informational interviewing is a great way of entering a new industry or career field as it helps you gain useful insights into your dream career or job. Informational interviews are conducted with people working in industry and help in gaining knowledge and experience in a particular field, before sitting for a real interview.

If a person is looking for a new job in a different field or wants to try out hands at various available options after completing formal education, an informational interview is an excellent way to learn about all the career paths.

To get a fair idea about a particular field, one should prepare a specific set of questions to be asked in an informational interview. As the purpose of such an interview is to get insights, the questions should move around getting out the maximum information about work, life, and scope after entering a particular field.

Basic questions can be about the reason for choosing a field, the reasons why someone is working in that field, what is the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a career in a field, or more logical questions such as what educational qualifications are needed to excel.

Informational interviews serve dual purposes of knowing about a particular field and understanding why a career path may be useful for a person to venture in. So, before actually jumping in a field, getting information through informational interviewing is advisable and is beneficial.

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