Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment and selection services to cater the growing demand for top-notch industry talent in a progressive organization

Training and Development

Specialized training and development programs for existing employees and fresh recruits to develop their skills and improve the performance

Payroll Management

Accurate payroll management services to deal with various facets of an employee’s salary and generation of pay slips

Performance Management

Essential performance management services to monitor and review an employee’s performance and appraisal program
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Essential Services

Human resource is the most valuable resource of an organization and we provide essential human resource management services to nurture this valuable resource.

Expert Team

The expert team at Ascend helps a business to analyze the need of human resource management and how effective HRM services can work wonders for business growth.

Effective Solutions

We offer effective sourcing and management solutions to deal with various human resource woes so that an organization can focus on business and forget HR worries.

Our Clients


We offer comprehensive HRM services for small and large scale businesses