Ten tips to effectively market yourself for a job

Cracking an interview for landing into a dream job is an uphill task. It takes numerous hours of preparations and efforts before you actually can stand to strike a chord with an interviewer and influence him that you are the best. To effectively market yourself during an interview, you must follow these ten tips, which will help in making you create a mark in a job interview.

Define goal clearly: Before influencing an interviewer, it is important that you determine what you want to achieve from an activity, in this case, which would be to crack this interview and secure a job

Understand your interviewer: You must understand that an interviewer is here to seek something in a candidate. Stay vigilant for a hint to understand what he seeks in a candidate and align yourself accordingly.

Research: Once you identify what he wants, try taking clues from body language and words to study what more he seeks and how can you show yourself as one.

Be positive: Showcase your self-confidence and positivity to make a mark in interviewer’s mind.

Brand yourself: Keep a check on your body language to project yourself as an ideal candidate throughout the interview.

Portray: Portray your skills in a way which meets the interviewer’s expectations.

Compliment with examples: Do not just highlight your skills. Give the interviewer a reason to believe you by complementing each skill with a relevant example.

Be calm and composed: An interview is a test of patience and attitude. So, be sure to be neither too excited nor impatient during an interview.

Choose the right words: Keep a check on your vocabulary and choose the right words to make your point entirely understandable and relevant to the job.

Carry the right attitude: Every action is registered during an interview, right from your entry to the way you sit in an interview. So make sure you carry a uniform positive attitude for the interviewer throughout the interview.

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